Hi,I made this blog to inform you all that I would be a little inactive.School hav open up and got lots & lots of things to also my UT(unit test) would be also happening around every monday so need to study a lot!As per as the deal with my mom I can get my hands on the laptop on fridays and saterdays not sunday because at that time I revise for the upcoming UT.And it would be even hard for me to be active on fridays and saterdays cause I hav to work on my first episode of fan series at winx club fanon wiki.I would edit be still be editing but not that much as I used to be and also I would be working on my new wiki called the shake it up india(it is a show that comes here in india,I noticed there was'nt any wiki of that.When I create it I will invite all my HBFFs to that wiki)

You still can leave messages to me!!