Crystal is me!

So how have you been guy's? 

and ikr, look at me name "KifiRiven" it looks like I'm dork, right?

Anyway's.... I've missed you so much!!!

even I see that this wikia changed a lot. Even I haven't talked you you guys for 50 years! (1 year)

I've been so busy! and I've been watch Ft (Fairy Tail) but I've missed all Season 6 Ep's

but I caught up. I'm so ready for season 7!

and you might be thinking why I changed to Musa, right?

Well, for a way I kinda do act like her by the way I love music! so yeah

When Winxclub started I liked her but I just wanted be Flora, idk why but yeahh..

So, I'm back! did ya miss me?

♪Musa♪ Fairy of Music!