Hello, WCI users :D! I've been gone for a few days... and my mother forbids me to touch nor do anything to my laptop but she will if we have projects in computer. Probably, I'll gone for four days and maybe be online for three days in a week. I'm still making a deal with my mother so that I can catch up and keep the wiki in balance. Since I'm the only admin who is active, Roxanna is semi-active/inactive, and Emmy's inactive. I wonder what happend to Emmy anyway. So, if you see me editin' on Monday-Thursday, means that my mom allowed me to have my laptop during those days. 

My school activites are getting busier since we have a "Linggo ng Wika" program probably this Wednesday. So, that's all I want to say... Any questions, concerns, or requests? Please leave a message at my talkpage. ✿RoseForever✿ ~ ✿Life is a rose; beware of the thorns✿ 11:27, August 16, 2013 (UTC)