You might be thinking that I've misspelled "updates". No, this wiki is upgrading! Just like in games, we add and add things 'till we get enough money except we don't need money to upgrade the wiki, we just need teamwork and lots of ideas. Our wikia upgrades:

  • Episode galleries - I've done Ep. 219, yet there are still some needed to be added.
  • Spell galleries - I'll allow that, but we must finish the episodes first then transfer the spell files from WCM. This "transfer" doesn't mean I'll copy it. Farhah may be fine with that since I'm the one who puts the                   spells' images there.

Why do we have this episode galleries?

Remember, this is an image wikia. All necessary WC files will be added here. This isn't a "show-off" wiki. Sarah still owns this wiki, and I'm just the head admin. Okay, back to the question. This is a preview or exhibit where you can show pictures. Probably, we'll put a link on the page to the page at WCW. 

Why do we need spell galleries?

As what I've said above, this wiki is like a musuem - an exhibit! Sooner or later, this idea will come to life :P!!

Any questions or suggestions? Please don't hesitate to approach me. ✿RoseForever✿ ~ ✿Life is a rose; beware of the thorns✿ 04:01, August 17, 2013 (UTC)